Welcome to Craft Inc.

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Hi crafters out there! And welcome to our minecraft server!

We are open for everyone. You can do nearly everything you like on our server. Of course there are some basic rules, please read and respect them.

Joining our community is easy, just login and start to play! Have fun!

We are a comparatively small server at the moment. Our team consists of 2 mods and 1 admin.

We are running multiple worlds, and there is the possibility, that your single player world can be uploaded to the server and connected to our other worlds. Just ask a mod or admin or write an email to: staff@craftinc.de

In this blog you can write articles about, on what project you are working at the moment, or what project you have planned or many other topics. You will also find server related news here.

The Craft Inc. team wishes you a lot of fun and exciting hours on our server!

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